Dipl.-Ing. Hüseyin Bozkurt

Hüseyin Bozkurt

Born on the 1st of January 1960 in Usak/Turkey

Married, 2 children


1977 – 1980

1980 – 1981
1981 – 1985
Secondary school in Berlin – Intermediate School Certificate
Bricklaying apprenticeship with final examination
as journeyman bricklayer
Professional examinations in Berlin
Diploma in Architecture at Berlin College of Technology,
completed as Diplom Ingenieur (graduated Engineer)


1986 – 1987

1987 - 1991

1991 – 2004

Engineering office Obstmeier as Construction Manager for
refurbishment projects
Stadt u. Land Wohnbautengesellschaft mbH (construction company)
as Construction Manager for refurbishment projects
Specker Gruppe Berlin, Project Manager for residential and commercial properties
Company secretary
Managing Director of Specker Plantec GmbH

Foundation of IBG

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