We support you with our competence and experience: We can provide professional support from the original idea to the finished project.

We represent your interests at all levels to builders, authorities and crafsmen.

  • Technical support for new build projects
    • Consultancy service during project development
    • Consultancy service during construction preparations
    • Consultancy service during construction execution
    • Cooperation during building acceptance
    • Cooperation during property documentation
  • Technical support for existing properties
    • Conception of location and building analyses
    • Production of a directory of required measures with regard to the expected investment (short term, mid-term and long term)
    • Consultancy with the operator and compilation of the requirements for technical building support
    • Consultancy with the operator regarding the preservation of property value
    • Consultancy with the operator regarding public law requirements for inspection/ maintenance
    • Analysis and processing of the existing technical documentation
    • Analysis of the contractual situation between the vendor/general contractor/design team etc.
    • Consultancy in respect of required defect rectification and cooperation in the enforcement of warranty entitlements
    • Acceptance inspections prior to expiration of the warranty period for the enforcement of warranty entitlements
    • Support of refurbishment measures
    • Support of repair measures
    • Support of defect rectification
    • Consultancy and support during tenants’ fit out, changes of tenant
    • Attendance during meetings for collection of evidence
    • Optimisation of the technical installations with regard to, e. g. operating costs
    • Cooperation in respect of marketing concepts, letting/sales


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